• Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you! Happy Holidays by Vanilla and Soap! Colgo l’ occasione per augurarvi un Felice Natale! Buone feste a tutti da Vanilla and Soap!

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  • Polish under stress #4

    Polish under stress #4

    Here we comes with another episode of polish under stress! As always, Roberta (Animiamoilcorpo) has been available to help me in the preparation and application of polish accessories. This time we opted for something simple: we used a black polish of a line called China …

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  • Blue feathers

    Blue feathers

    This is a multi-layered look! A light coat has been weighed down by a very hot fur vest. Blu wool dress refers to the color of the bag as you’ll see is the star of the look. A blue feathers Gazel clutch, nice and chic, …

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  • Zanone sweater

    Zanone sweater

    What is more beautiful than a wool sweater to spend these afternoons? In addition to being soft and warm it has a very unusual shape! Being asymmetrical allows you to play with the length of the sleeves and the sweater itself. I ‘ve combined with …

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  • Les Copains

    Les Copains

    A romantic and chic outfit to wear on a special occasion. One of the most beautiful outfit posted so far. The dress, a classic little black dress can be used on several occasions. I decided to wear it with a cashmere shirt-poncho so softness; the …

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  • Very Simple

    Very Simple

    Here’s the first snowfall .. certainly could not miss an outfit with this magnificent white background! I decided to wear something colorful, so as to counteract the white snow! I wore red coat and dress by VerySimple; Very Simple was created to give everyone the …

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  • Gazel Hat

    Gazel Hat

    I spent a day in Milan sipping hot tea and looking for inspiration for new looks. The outfits chosen reminds autumn .. a beige dress with embroidered lace and a blue cashmere cape. They could not miss heels and an accessory that would complete the …

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  • Cashmere sweater

    Cashmere sweater

    What do you think about colored looks? Sometimes they can change the day! Today I decided to play with shades of pink .. An Aspesi pink coat to repair from the cold and a soft cashmere sweater with stripes. A simple tone on tone combination …

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  • Polish under stress #3

    Polish under stress #3

    Are we ready to judge another nail polish? This time we are talking about two different brands: Kiko and Pronails. Thanks to  Roberta (Animiamoilcorpo) the result is always wonderful .. but will it last? Applied the basic polish with great care, making two passes. While …

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  • Ugg boots

    Ugg boots

    What do you think about this sporty look? One of my classic college look .. In short, the heels are not suitable for all situations! It’ s a simple and comfortable look but still fashionable! I wear a leather jacket, maxi T-shirt and warm Gazel …

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  • Mix of colors

    Mix of colors

    A winning mix of colors! I want to mix colors ’cause sometimes it is really cool! Sometimes the contrasts are wonderful and I say that this is one of those cases! The orange is in stark contrast to the fuchsia shoes. Castaner shoes are always …

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  • Castaner wedges

    Castaner wedges

    Another Romantic landscape .. but what can I do?! I love it! I am an avid runner for heels (as many of you know) and as such I can not resist to the beauty of the Castaner products, that every time astonish me! This pair …

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  • Pia Bianchi press day

    Pia Bianchi press day

    Ezra + tuba a new trend directly from Istanbul! Two sisters have studied fashion and art presented their collections in New York, Paris and now is the time to Milan! The collection is dedicated to the protagonists of an imaginary underwater civilization who decide to …

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  • L’ AURA Bag

    L’ AURA Bag

    What about the location!? We are not crazy! We just decided to be daring and try some photos in different locations. The look I chose is particular, a contrast between the skirt and sweater. A MUST of this winter are certainly the sweatshirts ans the …

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  • Gazel total look

    Gazel total look

    The Autumn is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons .. The landscapes change color and become perfect locations for our shoot! Sometimes you can play countering the colors in the background … while others you can mingle with them! This time I decided to …

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  • Meliani shoes

    Meliani shoes

    A new pair of shoes means only one thing for a woman: happiness. If you combines these shoes with a super chic blouse with fur collar that is it! In short, it was a perfect day! These fabulous bordeaux shoes are signed GiannaMeliani that after …

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  • Berlin #4

    Berlin #4

    Here is the last day in Berlin .. After visited the city we could not miss the Zoo. I must say that is really big and pretty organized .. We can find pretty much any kind of animals. We had rather bad luck as the …

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  • Negozio Clerici

    Negozio Clerici

    Today I want to talk about my favorite shop in my city: Clerici! Carlo, takes care of fashion trends for years and knows much better than many of fashion bloggers! The store, located in the main street of Magenta, is very spacious presenting male and …

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  • Orange Gazel

    Orange Gazel

    The colors of autumn are lovely and it is for this reason that I decided to introduce them into my look. Orange is one of my favorite colors especially in autumn .. In fact, you’ll find it in many outfits. A Gazel look consists of …

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  • Federica Necklace

    Federica Necklace

    Have you ever seen Sex&TheCity? Yes?! So you have to desire a “Carrie Necklace” It does not matter whether it ‘s gold or silver .. the important thing is to have it! So .. a craze launched by the famous TV show. After some research …

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